Our 12" x 24" reproduction old antique signs are ideal for decorating a cottage or for your interior or exterior decorating ideas. Each sign is individually hand painted and crafted in Wisconsin so no two signs are identical. You'll be proud to hang and display this conversation piece while creatively decorating a cottage. Each sign is hand painted on a solid piece of 12" x 24" aspen with either white or a stained background. The reproduction old antique signs have two eyelet hangers mounted 16" apart for mounting to studs or outdoor use which makes hanging easy! Maybe you're starting a restaurant, bar or lodge! Signs from countryandcottage.com would be a great option for your country decorating ideas with our reproduction antique signs! Think how easy and less time consuming it would be to make the majority of your sign purchases at one site to meet your country decorating ideas! Look to countryandcottage.com for your country decorating ideas or decorating a cottage with reproduction old antique signs!
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