Our 16" and 23.75" Snowmen are ideal for your winter holiday decorating. These cute snowmen will be a great addition and conversation piece for your country decorating ideas and are made by hand in Wisconsin. The snowmen are made out of solid pine and come with a pipe, red scarf, stick arms and a orange carrot shaped nose. The eyes, mouth and buttons are .5" x .5" pieces of wood painted black to resemble pieces of coal and both snowmen carry a "Let it Snow" sign. The arms are made of natural branches and can be removed for storage or easily replaced if broken. The snowman also has a replicated corn cob pipe made out of wood. The large snowmen measures 23.75" high and is 10.5" wide excluding the arms. The small snowman measures 16" high and is 8" wide excluding the arms. The base color is white with hand brushed shading along the edges, the hat along with the mouth, eyes and buttons are black, the nose is orange and the scarf is red. These adorable snowmen are ideal for your country and cottage decorating ideas.
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